The Industry Endorsed Curriculum of GNIIT Program in Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering enables students acquire necessary skills to aspire for new age jobs. Furthermore, well-structured communication & soft skills combined with Professional Practice helps create well–rounded professionals. The curriculum lays emphasis on industry specific competencies helps students stand out in the most competitive environment. This year, GNIIT gets further upgraded with content with addition of Digital Transformation specialization term. The program is also mapped to global technology certifications to enable the students to seize the global career opportunities.

GNIIT Program in Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering

Software engineering has expanded into numerous fields, the most exciting and promising are cloud and mobile computing. GNIIT in Software Engineering is a three year program which offers you in depth classroom training for two years followed by one year of paid internships to gain real world professional skills. The program makes you proficient in the essentials of developing different types of applications i.e. Desktop, web and mobile with Java.

Term # Course Name Duration
1 Logic Building and Effective Problem Solving 12 weeks
Programming in Java
2 Oracle 11g : Introduction to SQL 12 weeks
Professional Skills I
3 HTML5 Programming 13 weeks
Computerized Financial Accounting using Tally ERP 9
4 Responsive Web Design Using HTML5 & Jquery 15 weeks
Developing Mobile Apps for the Android Platform
5 Data Structures and Algorithms 14 weeks
Implementing JSF, Hibernate, and Spring in Java EE Applications
6 Developing Apps for Touch & Mobile Devices 12 weeks
Capstone Project I
7 Developing and Deploying Cloud Applications Using Google App Engine 12 weeks
Capstone Project II + Professional Skills II

Digital Transformation Specialization

Digital transformation is the process of shifting from traditional approach to new ways of working and thinking using digital, social, mobile and emerging technologies.

Digital transformation is going to drive the next phase of growth in IT Industry. It is appropriate to conclude that DT is the new IT.

Entry-level and experienced workforce skilled on Digital Transformation technologies are attracting 50% - 60% more salaries than traditional IT skills. In times to come, the best of the IT jobs would be centered around digital transformation specialization.

To cater to this industry need, NIIT also upgrades its GNIIT Content with Digital Transformation specialization term that the students can undergo, post his graduation. Some of the courses that will be launched for the student under the Digital Transformation include:

  • Enterprise Java Stack with DevOps
  • Big Data and Data Sciences
  • MEAN Stack
  • Cloud Stack
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Reality

Program Highlights

  • 7 term program in software engineering aligned to university semester curriculum
  • 3 month Digital Transformation Specialization Term + 6 month Professional Practice
  • 1000+ Organizations as recruiters
  • Experienced IT Professionals as Faculty


Placement and Certification

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